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April 01, 2005

US Forest Service Cited for Illegal Dumping

Breaking News: Forest Service cited for illegal dumping
4/1/2005, Washington D.C.

After a brief investigation, the US Forest Service was cited today for illegal dumping of paper into the Potomac River. Residents along the Potomac noticed debris floating in various parts of the river. Investigators soon identified the bulky rafts of debris as the Forest Service Manual and Handbook and traced the episode back to its source.

It seems that the Agency finally took seriously the advice of iconoclast economist Dave Iverson, who had for years suggested that a cure for organizational paralysis would be to toss the Manual and Handbook.

Agency spokesperson Betsy Bureaucrat said that agency apologizes for illegal dumping. The agency should have followed the advice of more prudent advisors and simply tossed the Manual and Handbook into the nearest recycling bin.

Laci Larkspur, BS News Service

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