Forest Policy - Forest Practice is a co-op effort by forest practitioners, academics, and others for discussion and interaction. Our "community of practice" includes people far beyond we who identify ourselves as "contributors."

In this forum we aim to provide a quick response to developing stories and provide context sometimes missing in mainstream commentary. The discussion is intended to help improve existing policy and practice.

We encourage anyone who visits to comment. If anyone wants to "post" a new topic for discussion, either on a one-time or continuing basis please contact us.

Two things to remember:

All views are personal and not necessarily the views of agencies or organizations for which we work.

Please refrain from personal attacks and unseemly materials.

At the outset we are grappling with how to best set up a web-log and keep track of all the various aspects of our chosen focus. We considered having categories like,

  • Adaptive Management - Ecosystem Management
  • Aesthetics
  • Decision Making – Policy Making
  • Ethics
  • Law and Policy
  • Leadership
  • Management - Organizational Behavior
  • Plans
  • Programs
  • Science
    • Biological Science
    • Natural Science
    • Social Science – Humanities
  • Sustainability
  • Values

We may grapple more with "whither categories" in our forum. Right now we have dropped the idea of trying to force-fit this extended discussion into category boxes..