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March 03, 2006



First: I'll sing my usual song: Who's going to code this and who's going to maintain all of this?

Second: I was not aware that we were designing the EMS Manual. I thought we'd agreed to come up with a few templates for Web pages for the Forests' EMS page.

NOTE: Posted by Dave, since Chris thought these points very-well taken. Hope you don't mind, Elaine.


I don't mind, Dave. I won't be around much today--real bad headcold. I think we're all saying pretty much the same thing but in different covers. My guess is that it's safe to assume, for now, that everything will go on the Web site (background and supporting materials, ISO stuff). Whether it's in the cloak of an EMS manual or not doesn't make much diff right now, given that we don't yet know what the EMS manuals will look like (I'm still trying to talk to our contractor about that). What I've heard so far is that it will likely be a document with links in it (as we've been assuming). It's tricky, IMO, bec we don't know what the EMS docs themselves will look like, and each Forest may well be doing something a bit different. Or maybe not.

So, let's figure out what this thing might look like--so far the common ground seems to be a list of the 17 required ISO elements. For each element there could be two links/buttons: 1 for the procedure, 1 for the supporting materials.

Here's a not-so-bad example of a basic manual: http://www.p2pays.org/ref/08/07378/0737829.pdf

Click the link to the Elgin AFB EMS Manual--it's better: http://p2library.nfesc.navy.mil/ems/basics/manuals.html

And I do encourage user-friendly reports and docs. ;-)

As for how the actual files will be managed and named, it sounds like Dave has good ideas. But where will the files live?

Dave Iverson


As I see it the files (that we need to agree on namimng conventions for) will live in various places, on Districts, Forests, ROs, and the WO.

If these files are stored in places (or ways) so that they can be that can be hyperlinked to both intranet and internet sites we will be ahead of the game in two ways.

First, people will be able to update them easily and maintain them locally.

Second, any closer-to-the-organizational-center "needs" can be satisfied as needed by drawing from file systems owned by folks in various places. And the process works just as well when folks closer-to-the-field need to draw from files maintained closer to the center.


The more I look into The GreenWare stuff, the more I like it. Stay tuned as I try to elevate the conversation.

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