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November 29, 2006


Mike Dechter

Dave, your post makes me very curious about the gospel of Quevedo. It sounds as if his take on ISO 140001 is so radically different than our previous consultants' that I'm a little surprised they all fit under the same certifying organization.

I wonder if application of EMS with Quevedo's perspective would truly encourage 'learning' rather than just cranking through the requirements.

Where can a district-bound employee such as myself learn more about this interesting change of course?

Dave Iverson

Quevedo's "take" IS much different then the path the FS has followed. The word "path" proves important. If the EMS process is path-dependent, as I believe it to be, then the path followed influences the destination arrived at.

Right now the Forest Service is begining an interesting review of past paths and future possibilities. As we begin to see "white papers" on this, I'll try to share as much as I can.

In the meantime, supposedly the Washington Office is soon to get a better idea of the "Gospel" according to Quevedo. Preliminary discussions could happen as soon as next week.

I'm just along for the ride, and for the blogging...

Mike Dechter

Hey Dave,

I hear that now Quevedo's EMS is out as well and the WO is now busy making standardized templates for a Strategic EMS to be finalized sometime in June. I also heard that the new EMS will basically focus on little else than engineering.

Is this about right? How come there's so little information around?

Dave Iverson


Sorry for being tardy in response. I've been a bit distracted. We will all have to wait and see what develops re: EMS and the Forest Service. I still remain hopeful with what is going on with the various WO-based teams struggling with EMS right now, but have seen too many USFS organizational disasters in my career to be gleeful as to prospects.

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