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October 30, 2008


Danny L. McDaniel

With the current economic downward spiral, there is probably no better potential for a fascist type state in America. I think that 2008, similiar to 1929, will be the start of an economic condition that will not be felt until the Spring of 2009.

I hope that Americans are smart enough to see the danger in economic planning and intervention by the government. Right now most policymakers cannot distinguish between a free-market and a circus parade.

Danny L. McDaniel
Lafayette, Indiana


I've come to conclude that government isn't asleep at the wheel because chaos leads to more control so what motivation does the government have to create balance? creating codependency is more useful.

the other problem is: even though a government can create jobs, the same problems that come from unemployment remain.

more specifically, government ideally wants to keep you busy while restricting your consumption-- that's probably the goal of the global warming agenda.

for example, the new deal gave us roads and buildings that have ongoing maintenance costs. so, at some point, the benefits of consumption aren't outweighed by the negatives and I don't think this aspect was addressed.

Danny L. McDaniel

It is always easier and cheaper to build roads and bridges then it is to maintain them in the long run. The same people who want a massive federal government construction program are the same ones that view the internal combustion engine as the enemy of humankind. Apparently when you are spending other peoples money you can have it both ways.

Danny L. McDaniel
Lafayette, Indiana


Totally agree with Danny - the worst of the recession will not be felt until mid 2009. I too believe Governments were asleep at the wheel. Speaking as someone from the UK, we have had Gordon Brown telling us for the last 8 years how his policies will stop any future boom or bust. With large, well established businesses closing here everyday, housing out of control, redundancies, I don't think one man could have got it more wrong.

george abney

The Bank of America will become the default BAD BANK and as such will become a lightening rod for further negative economic liabilities. The US economy will become a singularity drawing the world debt down the black hole of our inverted capitalism. Last year taught international economies the effect of US economic policies resulting in severe profit losses. This year the economic portfolios of other nations will be on guard against negative US influences and the US economy will find no release from the black hole that will require transformation of US capitalism into another form of prosperity: a fascist hybrid administered by a democratic dictatorship. Hedonism and a culture of self conceit has contributed to this mess. The myth of success by education has brainwashed the US public into the disneyland belief of Peter Pan magic: Spend as if you are rich and the Monkey God will bless your trust in the promise of marketers... The Bull of Wall Street has been sacrificed by its priests to a Big Lie.

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