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April 09, 2006



Yea I was thinking the same thing about switchgrass, it can be used to burn in place of coal, and can be made into ethanol. It seemed like a much better partial solution to the energy crisis than corn. So I bought up the domain switchgrasscrops.com /info ect.. Not spamming the sites here just trying to make a point. I have emailed just about every alternative energy maker, Iowa, canada, just about anyone I could think of that would be interested in them. Know what, no one wants anything to do with it. As far as I can tell in the real world switchgrass is already dead, they are going with corn for some reason I have yet to find. In truth if we ever hope to get off of oil, we will need multiple energy sources. Including coal, ethanol, methane, nucleur power(just steam), hydrogen, solar!, and many yet to be determined. Spending the money on the research is the most important of all. Before it turns into a crisis lets get a nice head start.


Howard Simons had an interesting piece on thestreet.com a while ago on this topic. His issue was capacity rather than efficiency.


Key (unsourced) quote:

If we distilled the entire U.S. corn crop and used none of it for human or livestock consumption, we could displace 85 days of gasoline consumption.

Robert Rapier

You are correct to be skeptical. I have been involved in ethanol for a long time, and it is about politics, not good science. I have blogged extensively on the technical issues and pseudoscience behind the ethanol advocates claims at http://i-r-squared.blogspot.com/ .

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