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August 25, 2005




Please let me know if you ever get any kind of meaningful responses from any of the econ bloggers when raising qestions like this. I've been trying to understand the views of both the economics professors and the guys at at FSO, Prudent Bear, and elsewhere, and I guess I just don't get the economics professors. I've done this sort of thing from time to time, the most recent being in the comments of this post at Angry Bear:


It was funny becuase a couple people thought it was good work, while the professors seemed unintereted.



I think your question is RIGHT on the mark & my guess is, the issue IS getting a LOT of attention in Jackson Hole. And, thanks for the link to Noland.

Dave Iverson


I too have had a long tenure of non-response from professorial types. I expect nothing different here. I chalk it up to Kuhn's observation that as paradigms shift, there are a few early adapters but most (including, perchance especially professorial types) cling with bloody fingernails to the tattered remains of once-vibrant ideology and methodology that is now dead.

I think that Robert Persig deals with this some too, perchance especially in LILA (An Inquiry into Morals). Paradigms shift slowly, via funerals of those who just "can't go there."

If they do "bite" I'll be glad to unveil links to Steve Keen's work on Minskian thought and complex systems theory. That, of course, unlocks a Pandora's Box of problems for the mainstream economics profession.

Keep up the good work on your site.. d.

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