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January 30, 2010



You twit, there is no such thing as global warming. The earth has been heating and cooling since it's creation. Pull your stupid liberal head out of your stupid liberal ass and do some research.


The earth has been heating and cooling since it's creation. http://fullmediafire.com

Mcx Tips

The world will never be able to agree how to share the pain of cutting emissions or the revenue from cap and trade or carbon taxes. Carbon dioxide spreads globally and needs a global arrangement to sort it. Acid rain was much easier because the problem was local to the emission, so each country could adopt its own solution. Our leaders need to consider alternatives with an open mind instead going round the same unproductive loop over and over again. I have a simple, effective and potentially popular solution.

Traduceri legalizate

Laura, are you a scientist? Do you realize that the scientific community has reached consensus that humans are speeding up the warming of our planet? I'm wondering how you feel justified to make such conclusions as calling the study of anthropogenically induced climate change "pseudo science." While warming and cooling cycles are a natural phenomenon, we know that CO2 traps heat, that CO2 levels have been significantly correlated with the Earth's average temp throughout history, and that humans are putting massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere at ever greater rates. Human induced climate change is real and it's something that needs to be addressed yesterday. Reducing meat consumption and especially that of beef is an awesome way for people to cut down their carbon footprint and environmental footprint in general. Still, we need to start charging the polluters who are destroying our planet.


Traduceri: Science is against consensus. Get your ass out of your head. If it was about consensus then the earth was flat (since that "Fact" was a consensus of the time). Science is about skepticism and proving facts. Anthropogenic Global Warming has been debunked. It is not science. It is based on fallacious ideas that only exists in computer models and the minds of liberals. The atmosphere is a complex OPEN SYSTEM. Every "scientist" you talked about are now jobless. and yes it IS Pseudo Science. Science is about OBSERVABLE and REPRODUCIBLE phenomenon. AGW is not Observable (and every equipment we have has already debunked AGW Including the Earth Radiation Budget Experiment Satellite. CO2 only consitutes less than %2 of our atmosphere a minor trace gas with no OBSERVABLE heat at those concentrations (And it only takes 2 narrow bands of Infra red) SEE SCIENCE. People like you are what is destroying the environment Carbon is ORGANIC. Carbon is already clean. Your mind is not.


I've heard that this concept of cap and trade is going to be replaced with another plan that is still a secret...what it is known, is that some senators embrace the idea of some cost for carbon emissions - like a tax for carbon...MCI Tips is right: there will never be a global agreement on how emissions should be cut...that's simply our world..crazy world

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