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April 18, 2008


Amanda Walton Gaston

I found your blog while researching the idea of coal converting to oil for my article, and really enjoy your blog writings and reviews. I wish there was a way to run a car on air to get the power and mileage, or on electric for power and mileage. My husband and I just recently sold our suburban home and took our three kids, bought and RV and are travelling Canada while running our business and homeschooling our kids learning and advocating to Go Green with environmental awareness as well as the economics of it. Although we stay in the Provincial Parks from 3 weeks to 3 months using our truck as little as possible biking or hiking many kms to sustain ourselves and try to keep the gas usage for pulling our trailer to the next spot. I've been seeking out trying to find the best way to go green with an RV and the best idea so far I've seen was the Earthroamer Xpedia which is very environmentally friendly, something we will be looking into further as we are doing this for approx 2 years, seeking out the best place to purchase land then start building our home totally off the grid and as environmental friendly as we possibly can.
Isn't it disappointing when you come upon something that seemed like a great breakthrough just to find out huge corporations have sunk next to nothing into a better development and why...how much moeny will everyone in these oil loving industries make if we became a majority green society?


Air electric hybrids are possible. Air can recapture a lot of regenerative energy without a lot of batteries nor super capacitors. Just a small amount of batteries and a motor with a compressor and expander can capture energy and use it on take off.


One thing i've noticed is that nobody talks about conserving the heat of compression by insulating the air tank(s). It also seems possible to build a steam/compressed air hybrid system, in which the heat of compression is used to heat water to steam when charging. The heat of steam to water condensation could be used to help maintain air pressure and avoid freezing problems. This system could take advantage of the waste heat produced by a small gas or diesel engine (cogeneration)and regenerative braking.

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