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November 20, 2007



"By shifting emission reduction efforts into years when they are relatively less expensive, a tax can yield a given quantity of emission reductions at a lower cost than can a cap-and-trade program with specified annual emission levels. In addition, by avoiding the potential volatility of allowance prices that might result from a rigid annual cap, a tax could be less disruptive for affected companies."

I'm just amazed that a government agency, even the CBO, was able to produce such a statement. Really, political concerns aside, is there any better idea than a carbon tax?

Syd Golston

One of the easy things we all can do is to call catalog senders and tell them not to send them anymore.
1) The websites I found that do this effectively for you are EXPENSIVE.
2) I could not find a place to post a "Shame on You!" for a company which made it almost impossible to cancel their catalog: Sephora.
Shame on them.

Syd Golston

Hard to believe, but despite my persistence, I just got another Sephora catalog in the mail yesterday! And it's three months since I thought I had cancelled.

Something has got to be done to save the energy and the paper and the gasoline that goes into this cascade of junk mail. How about the water involved? We see so many warnings about turning the water off while we brush our teeth. I would imagine that the amount of water it takes to make the paper for catalogs we don't want dwarfs those savings...

We will all have to brace for the Christmas season crush of this wasted stuff. Can someone find a free website that allows you to look at hundreds of catalogs and cancel the ones you don't want?

Steven Earl Salmony

The greedy people in dark, pin striped suits who have pillaged the capitalist system and ruined humanity's political economy by turning it into a gambling casino and stealing its wealth for themselves and their minions are the same people who are now warning honorable people not to dismantle the global economy. What is wrong with this picture?

Steven Earl Salmony
AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population,
established 2001

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