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August 01, 2007



I just wanted to say that I found your post intriguing. Left and Right, progressive and conservative. I see no harm in that. I see that it is the constant struggle between the two that clears the path of what is really the best solution, be it conservative or progressive in a given moment of time.

The problem relies when one of these get too much power over the other, which totally perverts the system, hence your suspicion on the allegiance on higher morals that is a thing of "right". It's a scheme to rally more people and its not a "reaction" to denounce it. It is perverse because it is not true in its basis. And such right has made the unthinkable: to link Christendom and Patriotism with Right conservatism and Atheism/Pervertism with Left Progressive. It's the cheats like these which destroy the system. The conservative stance of general Christians don't help either but they aren't all about conservatism: what a breath of fresh air that the pope is rallying the youngsters against global warming!!

It's a scheme that prevents one side to deal with the other. To talk with the other. When left is in power, they get corny. Same applies to right wing zealots. They think they're on top. Just like bully kids.

I just wanted us to grow up.

But then again, that wouldn't be good for audiences.

Eric H

In what way would one oppose the War on Drugs as it historically unfolded without falling into Hirschman's Reactionary camp? Were the Reactionaries, so defined, right or wrong with respect to Prohibition?

I find Hirschman to be elegant and seductive, but the tools he offers are frequently not useful once you take them out of his selectively assembled history.

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