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October 31, 2006



There is NOT DATA to suggest that we will have material climate change. All of the speculation is based upon models that simulate the world but cannot map back to the world.

What in the world are you building your CBAs on my friend. Being struck by space matter is of a higher probabulity than anything coming from the report.

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I totally agree that global warming is an issue that is becoming critical. How else can you explain all the environmental changes that we see today. Somebody in the world of politics needs to have a lightbulb go off and wake up! The cost won't really seem an issue when we have lost all our resources.


i think that global warning is an issue , and i think america should support that becouse the amercan is the country that waste more energy becouse of it population and becouse the america is the most updated country

gabriela gonzlez
this is me and who i am

global warming is political. end of story. people see global warming as a way to stay invovled in the american goverment. hello i should know. you got your American chick right here. my famliys been here before you Europeans. and its your European ideas that have caused this. all the money we have should go to help our dieing econamy. folks cant care for themselves let alone each other. so bug off. you wana slove the problem? then start at home.

this is me and who i am

ps we may have more technology but we are not a world power any more. our jobs are in China. with a snap of fingers China could kill us. it coast money to do what you ask. and that money is not coming from the goverment, not really, its coming from the people. look past your fixated piont that global warming is happening. look at the big picture. if you want to change the world you must first change at home. right now global warming is up there with the right to bare arms (aka guns) and abortion. we can see, we can hear, we can do. but first we must watch.

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