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May 18, 2007


David Beebe

Prescient, considering what has come to pass just short of 5 years later.
Or more accurately, you broke the code.
Some things, like the code, never fundamentally change.
Except, perhaps, in the creepiness factor, as the deceit becomes a stropped razor's edge.

Thanks for your persistence Dave.

Thanks also for teaching the difference between a lie and mere bullshit.
I now know enough to be more careful with scrutiny.

Mohan Chandra Pargaien

Nice post Mr. Dave. In fact the state of affairs of Forestry profession across the globe/ countries is almost similar.The wide gap between policy and action, sermons and results is visible every where. The problem in developing countries like India is with the added disadvantage of not getting due priority at political level and to some extent even at Bureaucratic levels .

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