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January 01, 2007



For one, David Walker at GAO comes to mind. Without knowing too many details, I was real impressed with K. Abraham's response to Congress in the CPI hearings (that cpi might just as easily in understated by a point as overstated). On a much smaller scale, Richard Clark & Michael Scheuer also seemed pretty deliberative leaders. I recognize these are stretches, that I'm naming people (leaders of quasi-institutions), not the institutions themselves. But, we're all well aware bureaucratic muck flows downward.
I guess my point is, it's pretty remarkable looking at the continued increase in flowing muck, that we have so many people who do stand up, who do what they believe "right" in the face of enormous pressure.
It's easy to say it all starts with character (J.S. Mill) but how reasonable is it to guarantee independence to pretty powerful positions w/o any assurance of the character of the people assigned to those positions by muck-spreaders? Sorry, don't mean to be a downer, but it all seems very much like just one pretty small sign of a society slouching toward Bethlehem. And, that as I see it, is the problem with Pagenism - it demands personal accountability by all. Have a great day.

Dave Iverson

Thanks Bailey,

You are pretty impressive in your "commenting" role, in the many blogs where I see you responding. We all have our part to play in this unfolding social drama. Yes, more people need to stand up. Maybe someday, likely on the other side of crisis, more people will stand up. Right now we "voices in the wilderness" will have to do what we can.. Back at you: Have a great day.

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