Eco-Watch Index: 1990

"Perestroika, Glasnost, and the Forest Service" 4/3/90
Dave Iverson (adapted from The Economist 3/10/90)
"Another Call for a 'Land Ethic'" 5/11/90
Dave Iverson, Intermountain Region US Forest Service
"You Can Talk about the Environment, But People are the Problem" 5/29/90
Ellen Goodman (from Idaho State Journal, Pocatello, ID 3/2/90)
"New Perspectives, Biodiversity, and Landscape Ecology" 6/17/90
Notes from a Rocky Mt. Region, USFS, Conference
"Potential Old Growth Legislation" 6/25/90
W. Dean Carrier
"Strange Bedfellows: The USFS Chief and the Owl as Endangered Species" 7/16/90
Press Release from The Wilderness Society
"Inside Out: Goodbye Thoughts" 8/6/90
Steven P. Smith, Willamette National Forest, Oregon
"Book Review: The Redesigned Forest by Chris Maser" 8/9/90
(Various Research Scientists and Professors)
"The Concern for Sustainable Forests" 10/17/90
(Notes from talk by Louise Fortman (UC Berkeley, California)
"Get Those 'Old Growth Blues' Behind Us" 10/19/90
Ted Blackman (from Forest Industries newsletter)
"Forest Resource Management and Personnel Practices -- Values in Conflict" 11/1/90
Notes from Congressional Hearing, Jerry Sikorski (D-Min) Chariman
"Hawaiian Biological Diversity" 11/19/90
Ed Lindquist
"New Perspectives: Observations and a Proposal" 11/26/90
John Berry, Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon
"Legislative Confrontation of Groupthink in the US Forest Service" 11/28/90
James J. Kennedy (adapted from article in Environmental Conservation 15(2) 1988)
"The Wise Use Movement" 12/3/90
adapted from "The Wise Use Guys" Buzzworm: The Environmental Journal
2(6):30-36, November/December 1990.
Richard Lindeborg and Beverly Carroll, Wash. Office US Forest Service
"New Perspective on New Perspectives: Landscape Concepts in Mgmt." 12/12/90
Nancy Diaz, Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon