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May 22, 2007



The safest thing to do is to put your money in the old maxwell house investment can under you bed. That way you know that its going to be there everyday.The Banks are making money on your money and paying you zip. Money is power, Denying that power to a bank is your right. By not driving to the bank to deposit your money will save you money in the gas prices of today. Saving money is making money.

Thank you.

Hedge Fund Consultant . Richard Wilson

Most sophisticated investors such as institutional consultants, pensions, endowments, foundations, and the ultrawealthy are INCREASING not decreasing their allocations to hedge funds.

- R

Hedge Fund

We are coming up on a year after this article was written now and hedge funds are outperfroming banks, most mutual funds and equity benchmarks but there are still doomsday predictors out there who are sure all 10,000 hedge funds are going to collapse and go away. I just can't swallow it, there are too many managers out there with diverse strategies for that to ever happen. Here are a couple articles I have written on this topic:



Alfred Etherington

Unfortunately mr Richard Wilson, you may well be in need of a taste of the infamous Humble pie! I dare say this may be your first slice of many as the Hedge Fund market dwindles and more and more HF managers have their companies collapsing around us. 2009 will be one year to remember.


I think many will collapse but in 2010 2011 they will come back stronger than ever. When the market starts to correct where will the most talented and experienced money managers and traders going to be? Running ETFs or a mutual fund portfolio? No - running hedge funds. I guess the market could remaind flat for 6 years but assuming it turns I really think hedge funds will explode in popularity and assets once again.


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