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February 28, 2005

Adding Voice to Important Forest Issues

Welcome. We begin this extended conversation as a means to help in the complex tasks of managing public forests. Our main focus is the National Forests in the United States. But issues surrounding these public lands are intertwined with issues on other public lands and private lands here in the US and throughout the world.

The first Chief of the National Forests said,
National Forests are made for and owned by the people. They should also be managed by the people. … This means that if National Forests are going to accomplish anything worth while the people must know all about them and must take a very active part in their management.
                       Gifford Pinchot, The Use of the National Forests, 1907
Our intent here is to engage practitioners, academics, and members of the public in extended conversations to better understand the complex nature of "all" in dealing with public forests. Our intent is help in developing proposals for better policy and practice.

To keep up to date with breaking news, we recommend Forest Service in the News, maintained by Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics.

Feel free to participate in the dialogue, either openly or anonymously by using a 'pen name.' All we ask is that you respect the people involved, whether or not you agree with their perspectives on the world, our forests, nature, etc.

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Posted by: Tony Erba

It's time for people in this country to start looking at whether they believe in the government system that has been set up for us and start making it work for greater good. How "good" is defined is premised on people engaging and sharing their viewpoints. It's time to learn that the only meaningful progress that is made is when individuals rise to the challenge and opportunity of getting involved.

Tony Erba | Mar 16, 2005 1:44:30 PM

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