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National Forest Management Act Regulation Revision

   On September 8, 1997 the Secretary of Agriculture commissioned a Committee of Scientists to provide background for a rewrite of the regulation for implementing the National Forest Management Act of 1976.

    The Committee of Scientists reported out to the Secretary on March 15, 1999 in a publication titled Sustaining the People's Lands: Recommendations for Stewardship of the National Forests and Grasslands into the Next Century.

    If you want to look at Committee of Scientists' draft reports, meeting notes, etc. visit their home page. Or you might want to visit thier discussion forum, where interested stakeholders commented on their deliberations.

    During the summer of 1998 a group of Forest Service employees was selected to rewrite the NFMA regulation. This effort culminated in the Proposed Rule for NFMA, published in the Federal Register on Oct 5, 1999. [2011 note: Here is the Final 2000 NFMA Rule]

    Please join our conversation as we learn more--from each other--about the finer points of collaborative stewardship in the context of the NFMA.

Inquiry Questions: (to be developed)

  • Older Forest Planning was based on Maximizing Net Public Benefits within the context of law and policy. What will be the new "guiding force" for planning?
  • If the Forest Service's GPRA strategic plan is to be an umbrella over all plans, what will the Forest Service be held accountable for in the forest plans?
  • How will the F.S.Natural Resource Agenda fit into multi-scale forest planning?
  • How will Clean Water Action Plan assessments and other assessments link to planning?
  • Will forest plans become subsumed into multi-county/state/all federal agency land and resource planning?

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