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US Forest Service Strategic Planning and Resource Assessment

    On June 30, 1998 U.S. Forest Serivce Chief Mike Dombeck led a round table discussion on how the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (GPRA) is to link with the Forest Service Natural Resource Agenda for the 21st Century; and to planning, budgeting, and performance accountability in the Forest Service. Since that day the Strategic Planning and Resource Assessment staff have been working to accomplish that task.

    Please join us in talking through the many facets of the Government Performance and Results Act including: development of the FS Strategic Plan, linkages to the Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Act of 1994 (RPA), the National Forest Management Act of 1976 (NFMA), monitoring and evaluation, peformance accountability, and planning as social learning. We initiate this conversation to help us all learn more--from each other--about the finer points of collaborative stewardship as they will play out in terms of the GPRA. Please help us in augmenting the inquiry questions, or just jump in and begin the dialogue. Thanks.

Inquiry Questions:

  • How does GPRA link to RPA assessment and planning?
  • How do both GRPA and RPA link to the Clean Water Action Plan?
  • How does the GPRA link to the FS Natural Resource Agenda?
  • How will planning, budgeting, and fiscal and other accountability in the Forest Service change as a result of GPRA, The Natural Resource Agenda, and other FS policies?
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