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US Forest Service Natural Resource Agenda

    On March 2, 1998 U.S. Forest Serivce Chief Mike Dombeck unveiled a Natural Resource Agenda for the 21st Century. His message was about leadership, and he made it clear that he expected Forest Service managers to lead in moving the Agenda from rhetoric to action:

"This agenda will help us more effectively engage in one of the noblest, most important callings of our generation ... bringing people together and helping them find ways to live within the limits of the land."
"We have two very basic choices. We can sit back on our heels and react to the newest litigation or the latest court order. Or, we can lead by example! The answer is clear...we must lead."

The agenda's four emphasis areas are watershed restoration and maintenance, sustainable forest ecosystem management, forest roads, and recreation. A beginning point for this dialogue would be to go back and read Chief Dombecks speech, titled A Gradual Unfolding of a National Purpose: A Natural Resource Agenda for the 21st Century.

   Let's begin a converstation about the Natural Resource Agenda and how it relates to the Forest Service. Jack Ward Thomas once said, in essence, "I love the Forest Service--for what it is, for what it has been, and especially for what it may become." We hope this forum will help us all better understand where the agency is going, and to help influence that direction in some way.

    We initiate this conversation to help us all learn more--from each other--about the finer points of collaborative stewardship. Please help us in developing relevent inquiry questions to begin this dialogue. Thanks.

Inquiry Questions:

  • How do the four elements on the Natural Resource Agenda interrelate with other looming issues like conservation of species, biodiversity reserves, use of the forests for whom and for what, and so on?
  • What is the future of multiple use?
  • How will the F.S.Natural Resource Agenda fit into multi-scale assessments under the Clean Water Action Plan?
  • How will Clean Water Action Plan assessments and other assessments link to planning?
  • How will the Natural Resoruce Agenda guide development of the GPRA Strategic Plan, and Forest Service accountability?
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