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Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Development

    Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Development form the backdrop for many policy discussions worldwide. In the U.S. Forest Service, many planning efforts subsumed under the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), including national forest planning, will link directly to these Criteria and Indicators.

   You can gain an appreciation for the sustainability effort and find helpful references by looking at the President's Council on Sustainable Development webpage.

   Sustainability issues relating to forestry have received special attention with a special set of Critera and Indicators (C&Is) as found in the Santiago Declaration.

   We hope you will join us in a dialogue as to how Criteria and Indicators can serve as foundations upon which we can better develop sustainability goals, moniter progress toward those goals, and assess the overall health and welfare of our natural and social/cultural systems.

    We initiate this conversation to help us all learn more--from each other--about the finer points of collaborative stewardship. Please help us in developing relevent inquiry questions to begin this dialogue. Thanks.

Inquiry Questions:

  • What value do specified criteria and indicators add to planning and management?
  • How do criteria and indicators sort out by geographic scales? by time scales?
  • What do we do about competing sets of criteria and indicators?
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